Aerial Filming in Uganda and Rwanda

Aerial filming in Uganda and Rwanda is allowed as long as you have the acquire the right permissions at the right time.. We have had many film companies carrying out aerial filming in national parks and forest of Uganda and we have worked with them to produced successful shoots.

Aerial filming in Uganda and Rwanda can be done using drones and small crafts. Film Fixers Uganda assists in process permissions to import and fly your drone in Uganda and Rwanda. Drone importation and flying in Uganda and Rwanda is still tricky and requires enough time to process drone filming permissions. If you intend to bring in your own drone to film in any of Uganda and Rwanda’s location, please contact us at least 3-4 months in advance to enable us contact relevant government bodies in charge of permissions.

We welcome productions and film crews with their helicopters to come and do Aerial filming in Uganda and Rwanda but should you have no helicopter, please do not worry as our work is to fix all that you need. We have a health working relationship with tropic Air in Kenya which is by far the best in East Africa and then Fly Uganda plus other aviation companies to get you any plane that you may need to conduct your aerial shoot in Uganda. Most pilots at Tropic Air are well conversant with most points in Uganda and you will be excited working with them.

Encounter Africa Safaris further helps you with securing flying permission from Civil Aviation Authority for your Aerial Filming in Uganda to fly in Uganda’s territory. Whether you are to film in National Parks or any other locations, Civil Aviation Authority must give you permission to do so. For more information about obtaining clearance for aerial filming in Uganda and Rwanda, do contact us.

If you have you kit/filming equipment fixed in your helicopter, you might not need to pay for kit clearing fees but if you are to film in any National Park, you will be required to pay for the filming contract and landing fees on top of that.

BBC became the first company to carry out aerial filming in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in 2013 and the exception with this is that whether you are interested in gorillas or not, gorilla filming fees of USD4200 per day applies. For more information about aerial filming in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, do not hesitate to contact us.

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