Hiring Filming Equipment in Burundi

Hiring filming Equipment in Burundi

As earlier noted, there is less or limited filming activities in Burundi and its capital city Bujumbura. While it is important to hire filming equipment to avoid carrying your own, you will not find any at this moment. Film Crew fixers can however assist in sourcing the required equipment from Kenya and or south Africa.

Hiring equipment for you will require you to send us a list of the equipment you want us to hire for you. We will check availability with companies in Kenya or south Africa who hire out these equipments. From here, we will send you a quote showing cost of hire as well as clearing this equipment into Burundi.

If you feel that you need to fly or ship in your filming Equipment into Burundi, feel free to do so. Send us a list of your filming equipment showing type of each equipment, serial number as well as value of each. Once we have this, we will forward it to our clearing agent to establish how much it will cost to create a non refundable bond. Normally it is a percentage of the total and decreases with the amount of your kit list. This process may take 4-5 working days so urgency from both sides may be needed. Lets discuss your project here.

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