Film Location Scouting in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi,kenya & Congo

At Film crew fixers Uganda, we are aware that for any filming project to be successful, one needs to do a proper location scouting and preparation before the actual shooting and arrival of film crews. We are a local fixer company conversant of all filming in locations in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya and we will comb all areas through our research and extensive knowledge of our country to provide you the best location for your filming.

On this website, we have tried to outline several filming locations depending on interests but when contacted; our Local fixers will pursue location scouting in line with your filming interests. Some film crews and production companies contact us when they already have some ideas in mind while others do so when they know what they want but are unsure of where to find it in Uganda. In which ever situation you are in, you need not to worry as this is what we do best and we will definitely scout all possible location in Uganda, Burundi, Dr Congo and  Rwanda to provide you with several options from which you will select where to do your filming.

Depending on the duration of your filming, location scouting may take some time as we may have to send our fixers to the field to take current pictures of any given location, to establish filming conditions in the very given location being scouted. We may have to establish the distance, where there is appropriate accommodation properties, where the area is accessible or not, if it has electricity or not and as such, it is always better to contact as early enough to make sure that we click the right buttons during location scouting. Whether you are interested in filming wildlife in national park, gorilla and chimpanzees, filming in slums or urban setups, just drop us an email and we plan how we will execute your location scouting schedule.

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