Kit customs Clearing in Uganda and Rwanda

All film crews and Production houses will be required to temporarily clear in all their filming kit or equipment into the Uganda  and Rwanda for the purposes of filming. We are very much aware of this and we do help with Kit customs clearing for companies that do contact us

Uganda and Rwanda has very few specialists with knowledge on how this work but due to our experience in handling and fixing film crews, you will not have any problems with this. We have contracted one of the best specialist clearing agent who handles kit customs clearing on our behalf.

Before coming to Uganda and Rwanda for your filming, please do send us a list of all your kit, showing the name, serial number and the value of each equipment so that we forward it to our clearing agent for evaluation. Generally it is a certain percentage that is charged so once he has evaluated, we will let you know so that you effect payment.

We work in such a way that our clearing agent will be waiting for you at any entry point in Uganda and Rwanda on arrival. If you enter through Entebbe International Airport or Kigali International Airport, then you will find him at immigration or customs and he will take you through all the clearing process. On the day you will be departing, he will make sure that he waits for you at the airport to make sure that all goes well. We are Rwanda and Uganda’s number one film crew fixers and we ensure that your kits enters Uganda and Rwanda legally and leaves the country smoothly

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