Filming Equipment in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya

Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda do not have proper filming equipment mostly needed by international film crews and production companies. Its only Kenya that has enough and latest cameras and gear for hire. As such we recommend that you bring in your filming equipment into Uganda, Rwanda or Burundi and we will assist you in clearing them into respective country.Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi  are not a carnet countries so you will be required to pay a fee for temporarily clear in your filming equipment. A bond will be created for your filming equipment to act as an assurance that your equipment will indeed be flown back after filming. Feel free to contact us for details on how this works.

Hiring Filming Equipment in Uganda and Rwanda,

As earlier pointed out,its only Kenya that has equipment for hire.  Uganda, Burundi  and Rwanda do not have recognized filming equipment for hire but if want to hire, we will source in Nairobi Kenya and or South Africa. For Encounter Africa Safaris to commit to this task, we will require you to send us your desired kit list showing type of cameras, jibs etc that you are interested in using while in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya to give us a clue of the type and nature of equipment needed. We will try to look for the specific equipment required and in a situation that we do not find them in Kenya, we will try in South AFrica. Can we discuss your equipment needs by contacting us here?.

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