We are a local film production and fixer company operating in four East African countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), and Burundi.  Our professional Film fixers in Kampala, Kigali, Bujumbura, or Nairobi, Bukavu Kivu, and Goma, are the best in the region with over 15 years of experience. Film Crew Fixers Uganda Ltd (Sister company to Encounter Africa safaris) specializing in production and film crew fixer services including location scouting, processing filming permits, and licenses, equipment hire and rentals, kit customs clearing, casting, press or media accreditation, production fixers as well as logistics such as Transport and Accommodation.

Travel safely, make an impact and pay less

Filming Guidelines

Travel safely, make an impact and pay less

Covid 19 Updates


Finding the right film location

With financing and casting process out of the way, the real hard work begins–making a movie. The location is one of the many important aspects of filming, just as finding the right actors to portray a role, and just as important as the choice of music used in the film. Finding an easily accessible location is not enough–securing permissions to shoot a film would prove disastrous if location permits remain are not obtained.

Let Encounter Africa the sweaty work of location scouting and you you the right filming permits for your work. You concentrate on getting your project right.


Filming in Uganda

Film Crew Fixers Uganda Ltd organizes wildlife filming in Uganda National Parks on behalf of film crews that do contact us. We do this through logistical support and organization on behalf of our clients. We give advice depending on the requirements of our clients who are the film crews. Uganda boosts of ten National Parks each with different ecosystems and being Ugandans and professional at that, you will find our knowledge about wildlife very helpful.

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