Filming In Uganda National Parks

Filming In Uganda National Parks

Encounter Africa Safaris organizes wildlife filming in Uganda National Parks on behalf of film crews that do contact us. We do this through logistical support and organization on behalf of our clients. We give advice depending on the requirements of our clients who are the film crews.Uganda boosts of ten National Parks each with different ecosystems and being Ugandans and professional at that, you will find our knowledge about wildlife very helpful.

Requirements for wildlife filming in Uganda National Parks

All National Parks in Uganda are under Uganda Wildlife Authority that is in charge of protecting and conserving wildlife in and out of National Park. If you are interested in carrying out filming in Uganda National Parks then a filming contract will be required. Please do contact us for information on how to process a filming contract with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Uganda Wildlife Authority charges filming fees for filming in national parks depending on how many members are in the crew and for how long they will be filming in given National Parks. The longer the filming, the less the fee. On top of that, the crew has to pay for vehicle and park entry fees, monitoring fees and a refundable fee that will be given back to after providing a copy of DVD to Uganda Wildlife.