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Welcome to the Official website of Encounter Africa-Film fixers Uganda. We handle all logistical and locational support ranging from press accreditation, media cards,location scouting, we organize filming permits and Uganda Wildlife Authority MOU or filming contracts, we help in temporarily clearing in your filming kit and equipment plus transport and accommodation while in Uganda. Are you looking for Uganda Fixer? Do not look anymore, Encounter Africa Safaris has all the answer to your fixer services requirements in Uganda

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Filming in Uganda

Encounter Africa Safaris organizes wildlife filming in Uganda National Parks on behalf of film crews that do contact us. We do this through logistical support and organization on behalf of our clients. We give advice depending on the requirements of our clients who are the film crews. Uganda boosts of ten National Parks each with different ecosystems and being Ugandans and professional at that, you will find our knowledge about wildlife very helpful.

Clients Review

  • Bart Bakker
    I've worked with Encounter Africa Safaris as local partner for a Dutch TV production. We did the research trip in November 2016. Edson and Torbert did the pre-production and took care of all logistic arrangements, as well as scouting locations/stories/people. It was a well organised research trip and I left the country with enough options to fill 3 episodes, if needed. Tolbert travelled with me during the research trip and was fun the have around. He took care of all the arrangements and was punctual and everything one would expect from a producer/driver. I would strongly recommend them for your visit (business or pleasure) to Uganda.
    Bart Bakker
    Tavalu Media
  • Hanne
    We have organized a filming trip in the Northern of Uganda (area of refugee camps) very short notice. Edson was very helpful to get everything sorted before the departure of our crew and really thinks ahead. Communication with Encounter Africa Safaris went very smoothly and was very professional. They know what they are doing! On the ground our crew was very pleased with fixer Patrick.  
  • Bart Bakker
    I have worked together with Encounter Africa Safaris on a Dutch TV production. EAF made all the arrangements like media cards, accommodation, transportation, permits etc. They are reliable and fun to work with. As tv productions most of the time turn out to be a bit hectic, and especially a specific "outdoor/rafting" kind of show like we did, i must say they did very well. Even last minute chances and request were no problem. I would recommend them as a local fixer/production partner.
    Bart Bakker
    Tuvalu Media
  • RNW Media
    Encounter Africa Safaris helped us secure necessary filming permit for Kampala. They were efficient, quick, know what they are doing and have very good communication back and forth.
    RNW Media
    RNW Media
  • E.M.
    I engaged Encounter Africa Safaris to help has arrange various services, including media permits, kit bond (for customs clearance), ground transportation and security for a television shoot in the Kampala area. Right from pre-production, Chris in the office was very helpful in providing information on what permits we would need and the process to obtain these. Communication was very clear and Chris responded to my emails quickly and was always available on the phone. Once our shoot started, the crew were met at the airport by Paul and Tolbert who cleared the kit through customs and drove the team to the hotel. Throughout the shoot they were very helpful and flexible, which is key as a shooting schedule is always changing! I massively recommend Encounter Africa Safaris if you need a fixer in Uganda, my experience with them was consistently professional and efficient!
    Vice UK.
  • Reeve
    As noted we used the "Fixer" portion of their business but Paul was very helpful in navigating the tricky Ugandan traffic. Most importantly we had no problem getting about $70,000 worth of production in and back out of the country without hassle. He was also very patient as many days he was on call for us but we didn't have much for him to do. It was a little hard to pay them initially but once we used Pesapal it was quite easy.